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Welcome to Roleplay Yarou Ze! This is a roleplay group for Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma Go and Chrono Stone! Please read the rules before you apply and check the member overview and the list of reserved characters if your desired character is available!

Admins: Dina, Nese & Maki
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protocol-alpha sent: Dropping Alpha and Shuu. ( Sorry also for the recent inactivity ;; )

Thank you for telling us.

kore-chan sent: Dropping Asato, thanks for all the great experiences :-)

Thank you for telling us.

Meizu is reserved for three days.

11 months ago
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im-not-a-fucking-tulip-deactiva sent: Dropping Nagumo.

Thank you for telling us.

Please be sure to be active if your character isn’t on hiatus currently because in few days we are about to clean up the member list.

There are too much people inactive since one month or even longer.

Follow Gamma!

gouenjishuuya sent: Dropping Poopenji!

And replying to my own message….

Gamma is reserved for three days.

1 year ago
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dogsword sent: ugh ugh dropping vamp fumiko and amase

Thank you for telling us.

Follow Alpha!

1 year ago
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